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The DWARF Debugging Information Format is important to many who write compilers (for C, C++ and several other languages) and debuggers. If that is of interest to you look at my DWARF-related software and pointers to the standard.

Networks and Network Manager and Netplan, Oh My!

If you've installed Ubuntu 18.04 (or any of the derivatives) you may not have noticed netplan, the new and superior way to manage your networks. See Ubuntu Networking with Netplan for the details.


Most people in the US are overweight and not healthy. Due to the Standard American Diet. If you have weight or immune system diseases or bad arteries (also an immune issue) you owe it to yourself to check out our Food Health page to find an overview and references to the MDs who have understood the very latest research on the body (including the biome).

Some recent books seem, to me, to be so important that they deserve a few words here. These books seem to add fundamentally to our understanding of history. I don't mention any books from the traditional Western notion of "Great Books" as those are well covered in many places. If anyone finds this list interesting enough to read at least one of them then this web site has served a purpose!

Lotus Cars are made near Norwich, England. Lotus was founded around 1950 --- many many other car companies were founded in the UK at about the same time. Lotus has had an eventful past (having nearly gone out of business several times and having been the the constructors of many famous racecars). The Lotus Evora is sold in the US for street use. A couple other models are available but not legal for street driving in the US.

Fun stuff: Trackdays and more. Lotus track/racing activities.

Perhaps you will find Stories of the four Lotuses I've owned of interest. Specifically: A 1966 Elan (Updated May 12, 2018) though it was restored and converted to Sprint configuration about 1990, so it is not precisely like an original S3. A 2009 Lotus Elise. SC Type 25. The next two have passed on to new owners: A much modified 1972 Europa. A 1979 Esprit Commemorative Edition.

I'm active in the California (and points well beyond) Lotus car club, the Golden Gate Lotus Club.

The Software page encompasses various writings by well known authors as well as some software and software advice from me. It's C/C++ and (as of June 2019) some python software.

The Solar Power page tells a bit about our home solar power installation. The Water page tells a bit about our water use. We're playing our part to reduce carbon emissions. I also got a bit interested in the electrical grid and the Internet Of Things so am using some TP-Link switches to reduce consumption when PG & E may need to fire up an old and dirty powerplant. More on this shortly. I was using a Belkin Wemo Switch but Belkin changed their interfaces so was unable to work with Wemo.

Software patents are a costly and inappropriate use of the patent system .

In moving Palm calendar data from Windows to Macintosh I encountered a major 'gotcha' but I found a workaround.

We switched our home accounting from a proprietary solution to GnuCash. And I wrote a small Python application to do specialized searching of the data.

RedHat Package Manager (RPM) building is generally very well documented, but I found one little hint allowing build as ordinary user (not root) that you may find of interest if you are new at building RPMs. I used to use RedHat and Fedora and Centos, but have moved on to Linux releases Ubuntu and Mint.

EEEPC is a 'Netbook' family of inexpensive computers which are pretty much useless now, the industry has moved on with tablets, phablets, and Cromebooks and more --- better screens and better software. The eeepc page might be of interest if you are curious about eeepc.

An older Debugging Information Format, sometimes called Mdebug, is documented in a postscript file dated 1996. It is most unlikely you have any reason to look at Mdebug information because Mdebug had largely fallen out of use by 1996. Mdebug was invented by Peter Rowell, founder of Third Eye Software. and various companies acquired rights to use it, including MIPS and SGI. Peter Rowell is quite distressed by the ways folks like MIPS, SGI, and others extended the format to do much more than it was ever intended to do. See Peter Rowell's comments . Or see a copy of Peter Rowell's comments here . Some of the worst SGI extensions never even got documented. One day I was writing up the (nasty) C++ extensions SGI defined (defined without consulting with me though I was the dbx guy) and with all the extensions documented, and before I had the changes saved in source code management...I accidentally deleted the revised document. Not a good day. So we are left with the incomplete Mdebug document. SGI moved on to DWARF2 as its debugging format so I never again felt the motivation to add those C++ extensions to the Mdebug document.

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