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David A's Solar Power

Since electic rates continue to rise and recent years have seen brownouts, many Californians have installed some solar panels to reduce our costs and to aid everyone by providing extra power when it's most needed: during hot sunny days.

See a graph of recent electrical use.

See also water use

Over 230,000 homes in California have solar panels generating electricity.

According to a February 2015 Washington Post, investment by individuals and companies in US Solar/Wind energy production was 389 billion dollars over the years 2007-2014.

SunRun installed our solar plant. Sunrun seemed a little...disorganized during 2015.

As of 2019 SunRun noticed, via their tracking, a bank of panels was not working. They came out and discovered some small animals had gnawed the insulation off lots of wires. Hence a 1-amp trip-fuse blew and power generation stopped. Within a few days they had replaced all the damaged wires and also one panel the animals had damaged. At no charge to us.

We have twenty eight panels installed. Eighteen facing slightly south of directly west, Ten facing slightly east of directly south.

We watch our power use and generation using The Energy Detective TED Pro inductive couplers and the associated gateway device which provides a web server on our home network with all the power data.

We used to use TED5000 but it's discontinued so as of October 30, 2017 we switched to TED Pro..

TED can produce nice reports with just your browser on your home network, but I added my own software to make my own reports and to ensure the data is all captured on my systems (not relying on the wall-wart from TED to keep the historic data safe).

From examination of SunRun's historical data we were generating a maximum of about 20KwH per day in the summer of 2014 with the 18 panels installed then.

On a sunny day we generally generate 37 KwH. Here are some of the 5 highest recorded Kwh generation days so far. Five pine trees died in 2016 (two more died in 2017) and one eucalyptus was dangerously large. Getting rid of those trees has lead to generating over 40KwH in one day.

Generation high
2017-06-10 42.513
2016-07-16 41.847
2017-06-28 41.206
2017-06-30 40.854
2017-05-24 40.699

For the month of July 2017
a total of 1157 KwH generated.

Here are some low recorded Kwh generation days.

Generation low
2014-12-11 0.588
2017-01-08 0.841
2014-12-02 1.361
2017-01-10 1.872
2017-01-18 1.948
2014-10-13 2.091

Most of the 2014-2015 winter was just above 500Kwh per month.

Global Warming is having a marked local effect in our microclimate. We installed a Rasberry Pi B+ computer and some DS18B20 temperature sensors August 30, 2017 (combined with some software I wrote) to track local temperatures. The DS18B20 sensor is remarkably easy to use when combined with the drivers provided in the Raspbian OS.

outside highs(F) and lows(F) by day
06-08 06-09 06-10 06-11 06-12 06-13 06-14 06-15 06-16 06-17 06-18 
   89    96   103   104    93    87    79    70    78    86    64 
   56    64    69    69    62    57    56    54    54    53    57 

Electricity Use Graph

Electricity use. As recorded by TED Pro Home