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1972 Lotus Europa Weight Balance

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I measured the Europa using pairs of ordinary bathroom scales (some quite old, most not too accurate) under each tire. It had my weight in sandbags in the driver seat, full water, oil, and with nearly full fuel tanks. I don't claim much accuracy, the last digit of pounds values implies more accuracy than is really present.

Ideal (and actual, within a few pounds) weight balance 8/4/2009, in pounds.

  Left Right Total Percent
Front 378 453 723 42%
Rear 522 477 999 58%
Total 900 822 1722
52% 48%

The following weights are June 2013. No passenger seat. Left hand tank removed. New oil system hoses and fuel hoses and simplified oil system. Almost full fuel tank. My weight in car.

  Left Right Total Percent
Front 350 331 682 42%
Rear 485 460 945 58%
Total 835 792 1627
52% 48%

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