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Zetec Europa Part Numbers

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The part numbers here are things used in the conversion to a Zetec powerplant.

Pegasus means PegasusAutoRacing.com. Ford means your local Ford Dealer parts counter (it helps if the parts guy is nice: the parts guy at Veracom Ford in Burlingame CA can be helpful. In 2007 it was Roman, in 2012 it was Harry, and in 2013 it is Rakesh).

Part Source Description Part Number $cost
FordThermostat Housing, RH-43F5RZ 8592 B
FordThermostat, 190 degrees F5RZ 8592 A (RH-42)
PegasusDavies-Craig EWP 80 SP EWP
PegasusDavies-Craig EWP digital controller SP WPC-20
BurtonPower.comsurface effect temp sensorREVEFC32
ZXTuner.com170 degrees thermostat1231
Fordthermostat soft rubber sealW700319-S300
FordCrank Sensor F5RZ 6C315 AA (DY-913)
FordCrank Sensor Housing F5RZ 6K341 A
FordCam SealF5RZ 6K292 B5A
FordSump SealF8CZ 6710 AA16.82
FordOil pump to block seal978Z-6659-BA 10.38
FordRear Crankshaft gasket978Z-6344-AA 11.98
FordRear Crankshaft sealkitYS4Z-6701-BA 136.87
FordRear Crankshaft sealkit aka1M5G-6A321-A5A 136.87
FordRear Crankshaft sealkit aka1-220-978 136.87
FordWater pump to block sealF8RZ-8507-CA
FordTiming Belt (cams)F8CZ-6268-AA
FordCam Belt Crankshaft GearF5RZ-6306-AB
FordCam Belt TensionerF8CZ-6K254-AA
FordCam drive belt idlerYS7Z-6M250-BA
FordOil pump/crankshaft sealF5RZ-6700-A
FordCoil, IgnitionXS8Z-12029-AD
Fordobsolete: Alternator belt Idler98BZ-8678-AC
FordCrankase Vent GasketYS4Z 6B752 AA
FordHead Oil Gallery Plug 5pcsF5RZ 6026 F
FordBolt 6 pcs (flywheel?)F5RZ 6379 A
FordBolt int/ex 10 pcsF5RZ 6065 A
FordCam Gear Bolt pkg 2F5RZ 6279 A
FordInt/Ex nuts, 4pcsW700050-S403
FordInt/Ex studs, 4pcsW704378-S1309
FordInt/Exh screw, 4pcs I thinkW703991-S309M
Fordplastic spacer (exhaust) 2pcsW703974-S300
FCRCMachine.comCarbon Exhaust GasketREM-52-001
Fordoring seal inside water pumpW702259-S300
FordSVT exhaust manifold2M5Z-9430-AA
Fordspark plugAZFS-32F-E
Boschfuel pump0 580 254 942
Gatespre-2015 4 rib drive belt,55-3/4"O.C25-040551
vbelts4less.comnew 2015: 4 rib drive belt,30.5"305K4
PegasusCanton Fuel Filter Housing1127
PegasusFilter Housing Clamp (4)1285-square
PegasusOil Filter1292
PegasusFuel Filter1128
PegasusCanton Filter Hsg to -6 adapter1280-6
Russellpump inlet Fuel Filter 3/8 inch645120
DunnellEngines.comCrankshaft front pulleyRMP2000
DunnellEngines.comZetec breather box coverRMP2015
DunnellEngines.comZetec water blanking coverRMP1434
DuPontDupont paint, ChromaBase BC, Grabber Blue5205K
SummitRacing225 sq in RadiatorAFCO AFC-80107N

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