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Front Brakes

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I am using the Zender front brake racing caliper kit. These are Wilwood Dynalite calipers mounted on a CNC machined aluminum mount (which in turn bolts to the standard upright). The disk itself is larger than stock and is thicker and vented. Though the disk is heavier than stock and the mount is very slightly heavier than the stock steel mount the Wilwood calipers are so much lighter than the stock calipers (which weigh 8 pounds!) that it is lighter than stock overall.

In April 2018 I discovered some marks on a piston and discovered a rear caliper piston was not easily pushed back. Replaced all the square-section o-rings and all the stainless-steel pistons (all had the little scratches near the outer ends of the pistons) I could not find the orings or pistons on the wilwood site, but summitracing.com has the parts.

description Wilwood part diameter length QtyPerCaliper
number inches inches QtyPerCaliper
Dynalite Caliper 1.75 0.88 1
Set of 4 orings 130-2655 1.75 1 set
Pistons 200-7528 1.75 0.88 4
Splitpin Pack 180-0055 1/8th 3.0 1

The split pins come in a pack of 10, one used per caliper.

The slight cutaway on the caliper was for the Brand Lotus stock wheels and not needed for the Panasport wheels in use.

picture of front brakes

Here we show the disk mounting bracket.

picture of front brakes

Finally, we show the disk mounted (via an aluminum adapter) to the stock cast iron stock hub.

picture of front brake disk

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