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David A's Europa Dyno Results

Europa Dyno Results

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Over time the Europa has been run on a dynamometer just a few times. What everyone says is "every dyno reads differently".

The first was around 1990 at Charley Rockwell's shop (long out of business) on the stock TwinCam engine (an engine with a nasty round score in cylinder 4, apparently because the head guy mistakenly had the head bead-blasted and one or more beads stuck to the head till the engine was run). That showed 86 rear wheel horsepower.

In 2009 Kevin Murray (MCE Racing) did dyno runs on his DynoJet with the Zetec engine (and helped me get the wide-open-throttle fuel table correct) at Thunderhill Raceway. He showed peak HP 168 in third gear, peak torque 140 lb-ft. At that time he had a 2-wheel-only DynoJet, but as of 2012 he has a 4-wheel dynomometer (I have not used it so far).

In August 2012 after many engine system changes (but none to intake, exhaust, or fuel map) I took the car to DietschWerks where it was run on their new 4-wheel dyno (obviously we only have the drive wheels of the Europa turning...). With a minor ignition mistake (on my part) the engine showed about 142HP. With that fixed Max HP was 146.3 and max torque 122 lb-ft. Very different from Kevin's dyno.

In December 2017 Hoover Chan (Turbohoses R & D) revised the exhaust (9DB quieter) and intakes (quieter at WOT) for Laguna Seca sound restrictions. Hoover also noted that horrible modern pump gas required dialing back the base advance from 10 degrees to 8 degrees to avoid engine knock. He measures the engine at 170 rear wheel horsepower.

What it all means I have no idea. But the Zetec torque is very evident on an autocross course.

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