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object reader resources

Using readelfobj, readobjmacho, readobjpe

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This project started when libdwarf wanted access to non-ELF objects containing DWARF information. So I wrote these standalone programs as proof one can get access fairly easily. They continue to exist as they print major section information by default so for basic easy access they are a bit easier to use than GNU readelf.

These functions only rely on libc, no other libraries are needed.

For details in objects beyond what these provide GNU readelf and GNU objdump (both part of binutils packages) are useful. is the source repository.

Clone with

git clone

Releases are available on github at

readelfobj prints Elf object headers. It has options to print details on more than just section headers.

readobjmacho prints MachO object headers relevant to DWARF information.

readobjpe prints PE (Windows) object headers. relevant to DWARF information.

object_detector decides if a given object is Elf, MachO, or PE and returns information saying which format it is or reports the format is unknown.

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