Data Fields
Dwarf_Obj_Access_Methods_a_s Struct Reference

#include <libdwarf.h>

Data Fields

int(* om_get_section_info )(void *obj, Dwarf_Half section_index, Dwarf_Obj_Access_Section_a *return_section, int *error)
Dwarf_Small(* om_get_byte_order )(void *obj)
Dwarf_Small(* om_get_length_size )(void *obj)
Dwarf_Small(* om_get_pointer_size )(void *obj)
Dwarf_Unsigned(* om_get_filesize )(void *obj)
Dwarf_Unsigned(* om_get_section_count )(void *obj)
int(* om_load_section )(void *obj, Dwarf_Half section_index, Dwarf_Small **return_data, int *error)
int(* om_relocate_a_section )(void *obj, Dwarf_Half section_index, Dwarf_Debug dbg, int *error)

Detailed Description

The functions we need to access object data from libdwarf are declared here.

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