Basic Library Datatypes Group


typedef unsigned long long Dwarf_Unsigned
typedef signed long long Dwarf_Signed
typedef unsigned long long Dwarf_Off
typedef unsigned long long Dwarf_Addr
typedef int Dwarf_Bool
typedef unsigned short Dwarf_Half
typedef unsigned char Dwarf_Small
typedef void * Dwarf_Ptr

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

◆ Dwarf_Unsigned

The basic unsigned data type. Intended to be an unsigned 64bit value.

◆ Dwarf_Signed

The basic signed data type. Intended to be a signed 64bit value.

◆ Dwarf_Off

Used for offsets. It should be same size as Dwarf_Unsigned.

◆ Dwarf_Addr

Used when a data item is a an address represented in DWARF. 64 bits. Must be as large as the largest object address size.

◆ Dwarf_Bool

A TRUE(non-zero)/FALSE(zero) data item.

◆ Dwarf_Half

Many libdwarf values (attribute codes, for example) are defined by the standard to be 16 bits, and this datatype reflects that (the type must be at least 16 bits wide).

◆ Dwarf_Small

Used for small unsigned integers and used as Dwarf_Small* for pointers and it supports pointer addition and subtraction conveniently.

◆ Dwarf_Ptr

A generic pointer type. It uses void * so it cannot be added-to or subtracted-from.