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The DWARF Debugging Information Format is important to many who write compilers (for C, C++ and several other languages) and debuggers. If that is of interest to you look at my DWARF-related software and pointers to the standard.

Lotus Cars are made near Norwich, England. Lotus was founded around 1950 --- many many other car companies were founded in the UK at about the same time. Lotus has had an eventful past (having nearly gone out of business several times and having been the the constructors of many famous racecars). The Lotus Evora is sold in the US for street use. A couple other models are available but not legal for street driving in the US.

Perhaps you will find Stories of the Lotuses I've owned of interest. Possibly recent Lotus track/racing activities might be of interest. I'm active in the California (and points well beyond) Lotus car club, the Golden Gate Lotus Club.

The Software page encompasses various writings by well known authors as well as some software advice from me. It's all C/C++ software so far though these days my personal projects at home are mainly implemented in Python.

Software patents are a costly and inappropriate use of the patent system .

In moving Palm calendar data from Windows to Macintosh I encountered a major 'gotcha' but I found a workaround.

We switched our home accounting from a proprietary solution to GnuCash. And I wrote a small Python application to do specialized searching of the data.

RedHat Package Manager (RPM) building is generally very well documented, but I found one little hint allowing build as ordinary user (not root) that you may find of interest if you are new at building RPMs.

An older Debugging Information Format, sometimes called Mdebug, is documented in a postscript file dated 1996. Mdebug was invented by Third Eye Software in the 1980's and various companies acquired rights to use it, including MIPS and SGI. It is most unlikely you have any reason to look at Mdebug information because Mdebug had largely fallen out of use by 1996.

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